Saturday, May 8, 2021

Sisters Saturdays: The Warhammer Fest Reveal

Tuesday Warhammer Fest revel saw the full release for the Adepta Sororitas that will be released soon so soon I hope.

Now most of these models we have seen before in previous reveals but there are 3 new models yet to have been seen and the first is a stunner

Morvenn Vahl is the now new supreme commander for the SoB and revered by the Custodes given a wicked looking blade. This model is stunning some great pose with the new armour. I still do have the question where are her feet?

Next up is

Dogmata she is your judge jury and executioner and she clearly has feet to do her stomping.

Can I get a hell yeah for the banner its big and imposing and the Sister with a book. Gonna be a nice center piece for an army. 

We only got organs and heavy flamers in the SoB we need a tank, well GW heard and have brought you the Castigator. GRRRRR the Castigator so good had to say it twice.

Based on the ol faithfull Rhino Chassis it is blinged up with religous icons and choice of Battle Cannon or Auto-Cannons. Plenty of firepower to lay down on the heretics.

The last 3 reveals is the Palatine for those of us that missed buying it the army box, the no knees no feet Paragon warsuits and the Celestian Sacresants

So a pretty big release for us SoB fans.

Looks like another guilt release to get my current SoB painted. More to follow next Saturday on my SoB army.


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