Thursday, April 29, 2021

Touchdown Thursdays: Deathzone Review


Apart from some cards decks for the Skaven, Dwarfs and Halfing teams, this is the biggest release we have seen since Bloodbowl Season 2 was launched in 2020. Deathzone has been billed as a must have for all coaches worth their salt. I have read through the book and can safely yes it does. 

What's in the Book?

As you can see it packed to the gills with background, rules and new play mode. I will break it down below:

World History:- This section offers more background since the fall of NAF and has some really nice additions.

Inducements:- A good third of the book is some brand new inducements to add more punch and variety to your team. From famous coaching staff to Halfling Hot Pot there is something in there for every team. I am certainly looking forward to seeing what the chef will pull out of the pot at half time.

Fabulous Freebooters:- Here you find rules for creating your own mercenary players, I am going to make use of this section to create some of my own star players.

Titanic Effort:- Its all about the giants baby. At a whopping 350,000 gold you can add a giant into your team. Covering 4 squares and the hardest thing to stride onto a BloodBowl pitch this is something I really want to paint and add to my collection.

Sponsorship & Stadia :- Want to have your team sponsored or some cool rules for your home stadium then this the place to look. 

Balls & Weather :- The balls have featured before in either Spike magazines or on the outside of the pitch boxes. But it is nice to have them all in one place with some very cool additions.

Match Events:- If you want some randomness added to your matches these tables give some fun actions to add spice to the game. I however would not really recommend them for league or tournament play as some of them will unbalance the game.

Blood Bowl Sevens:- For those of you short on time or looking to run a one day tournament then Sevens is for you.

As you may have guessed it is a seven aside game, played on a smaller pitch. So quicker games meaning that most games should only take an hour to play.

I am looking forward to play some upcoming games using sevens with Chris from work.

The book is a great addition to the second season and will offer a lot of players some wild and varied options for their teams and leagues. I am really looking forward to converting up a giant.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Touchdown Thursdays: Kick Off


This will be the start of a weekly post in regards to all things BloodBowl, my hobby has been fairly quiet as of late with work taking up a lot of my free time. With us starting to work our way out of Lockdown in the UK. Hopefully it will not be to long before we are going to be able to meet over the tabletop again.

Articles that will feature in these weekly updates:

New Release update: With the continued support from GW when new releases are out I will post up a review of the releases.

Team Focus: As new teams are painted I will add a update on the completed team and focus on the race

Rules: A delve into the rules and hopefully ass some tips for new and old team managers.

Tune in next week for the first article.

Thursday, December 31, 2020

2021 The Year to Come

 As we stand on the door step to a New Year, it is that time of year that we close the door on the past year and look forward to upcoming New Year.

With many blogs and websites focusing on their hobby projects for the future. I am going to have a different slant on what my aims are.

  • I am looking forward to having the majority of the UK, Europe and World vaccinated,  so that we can all look forward to getting back to a new society. I say new society as I hope that we have all learnt to be more caring and understanding of each through a troubled and turbulent 2020.
  • Looking forward to seeing my Mum who I have not seen for all of 2020 apart from via Zoom calls and 3 cancelled trips to Spain to try an see her.
  • Play a face to face game. I don't care what the game is :)
  • Expand and grow my cooking and drinks blog.
  • Loose weight and get back control of my body. I have been working on this for a few months now. But I am going to tie up weight loss with buying new models. 
  • Paint more than I buy. (HAHAHAHAAAA ) we all know that this is a virtual impossiblity.

So aims do you have for 2021

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Blood Bowl Free Scenario

 Merry Christmas to all,

Hope that you were all good and on Santa's Good List.

I managed to get some new brushes and paint pot and the latest White Dwarf. 

December at work pretty flew past with long days ensuring that we could get all the orders out the door, and this completely impacted all my hobby time. But now with 10 days off and no where to go as in a Tier 4 lockdown means that can get some serious hobby done.

GW put up a free scenario featuring the Gouged Eye versus the Elfheim Eagles. Has 2 nice rosters and some in game achievements to try and complete.  Gonna give this a try over the hols. 

Will get some more postings up over the next few days.

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Touchdown! My Pre-Order has arrived


So Friday was an awesome day, the much awaited pre-order arrived. I bought all the new releases back the book. Following up will be an unboxing of the main game.

So a great new box with great box art and an Official Merchandise sticker. Might there be some boot log Merch coming out in the future?

The Orcs are in a dark green plastic and you have your usual 2 sprues for the teams, 2 for the Troll and Varag Ghoul Chewer

The Barons are in red plastic and same again 2 team sprues, 1 for Griff and 1 for the Ogre. The biased referees are the blue sprue.

Alongside the hardback rulebook are 2 fold out Cheat sheets for you to reference during the game.

The Dugouts this year are reverseable and thinner card stock than the pitch

The pitch iteself is larger than the previous edition so that the big guys have more space on the pitch, also the trap doors featured on both sides have special rules for them. If you want to use them. The first side is a nice grass pitch showing the left overs of a match.

The reverse side is the tradtional Astro Granite pitch and looks great so giving the new player a choice of playing service match to match.

Over the course of the week I will go into more detail looking at the figures, rulebook and the other releases that come out that weekend. Now it is onto building the figures and trying not to get distracted to paint them before finishing my Halfings

Monday, November 16, 2020

BloodBowl My Pre-Order

 I was certain when the pre order window opened it was just going to be the second edition box set that was going in my cart. But as we all know stranger things have happened in that mad 5 minutes before the pre-orders go live.

By the time I have completed my cart it seems that all the new releases baring the 2 books are now sat snugly in my pre-order. Oh well never mind looks like going to have a fun unboxing when it all arrives.

With a 2 week pre-order window this gives me 2 weeks to get the Halfing team painted and ready for the pitch.

Fairly certain I have my colour scheme sorted in my head, now just time to get the team name and background worked on. 

Really looking to this week on Warhammer Community and the reveals that they will be showing this week.

It is going to be hard on which team I am going to paint first. Orcs, Humans or the new Undead,

Catch up later in the week when I should be showing off the new team strip for the Halflings.

Monday, November 9, 2020

Warhammer 40,000 Codex Road Map

 In October of this year GW announced the road map for the first few month's of releases of Codex's, a whopping 8 codex's or should it be codices? by the end of January. 

The Necron and Space Marine codex are already on the shelves and this weekend both the Space Wolves and Deathwatch Codex supplements will be in the hands of hobbyists already. I have both the Necron and Space Marine Codices already and have been making lists and notes on my thoughts on the latest editions. Another post for the future. I am really looking for to December when the Blood Angels Supplement is released, this has been an army that has long sat on the back burner. Alongside the Blood Angels comes the Death Guard, I am not expecting anything new for either of these codices apart from both of them receiving a Combat Patrol box. GW have already shot their bolt releases the Death Guard special models this weekend. Kinda thought would have tied in the Codex release?

Then in January we have an unnamed Xenos codex and highly rumoured to be a Dark Angels Codex. I am fairly certain that the Xenos codex will not be a new race as the community pages would have hinted and shown previews long before now. So I am going to hedge my bets that it will be Tyranids the galaxies great foe. 

What are your guesses to the January Xenos Codex?

Touchdown Thursdays: Deathzone Review

  Apart from some cards decks for the Skaven, Dwarfs and Halfing teams, this is the biggest release we have seen since Bloodbowl Season 2 wa...